Knowledge to support Your Journey
A personal message from Dr. Amy

Dear Discussion Group Members,

Whether this is your first visit to this site, or you are a veteran member of the group, I want to personally welcome you to our Chat Group. I also want you to know that this program is unlike any other health program you will encounter. In addition, this is likely going to be a very different experience than you have ever had on any other discussion group. I expect that you will be surprised by the personal support & interactions from me as well as from the other members.

I work for all of you at no cost to help you have the tools you need for optimal health, all I ask is that you put in the time to utilize those tools I have provided. What I ask of all of our members is to put in the time to really understand The Yasko Protocol. This will not happen overnight, it is a slow process as you immerse yourself in all of the science. This requires that you take charge of your own (or your child's) health. When I say "read it, learn it, live it" I really mean it. We share the tools & the support you need to get there, but you are going to have to put in the time to get your arms around my protocol. Basically, you need to do your homework, but we will be right there to support you along the way.

Within this group, we share information as well as emotional support. Any questions about my protocol can be asked on this Chat Group. Within this forum, you can also search answers I have already written on a large range of topics. I answer email posts personally every week (chosen by our moderator) with other posts addressed by parents who have taken the time to really learn & understand my protocol; they are paying it forward by giving their time to others. I have a zero tolerance policy on negativity. The idea is to keep it positive, share from the heart & the mind, & kindly pay it forward. I expect only what I am willing to give, so I try to lead by example. I am willing to work daily to make personal comments on biochemical tests, to answer emails, to read, research, & continue to add to the knowledge base until we have the answers we need for the recovery of every child & adult. I do not only answer technical questions, but I respond to almost every positive email that is posted because I feel that emotional support is just as important as scientific knowledge on the journey to recovery. I keep it positive & pay it forward every day & I expect no less from each of you.

In addition to this Chat Group, please take advantage of the several other resources that are currently available for implementing The Yasko Protocol. I share all of the tools online at no cost so that you can work with your own doctor to utilize my protocol. My Feel Good Nutrigenomics, Feel Good Nucleotides Guide Book, Feel Good Biochemistry, & Feel Good Supplements(along with the hardcopy guidebook version) books are all very valuable resources; the web versions of all these books are accessible for free. Once I finish updates to my Feel Good About Your SNPs book, the completed version will also be available online for free in addition to offering a hardcopy version for free (similar to my Feel Good Supplements Guidebook). I am also in the process of working on a Feel Good Nucleotides Guide Book, which will also be available at no cost. In addition, Iregularly post on my Facebook page (Dr. Amy Yasko) as well as on my new Instagram page (@holistic_heal) that consist of various content such as scientific findings, personal life stories, & positive quotes. I do want to emphasize that the place to post questions is definitely this Chat Group. I do not answer personal health questions on either Facebook or Instagram as those are public forums & I do not feel comfortable addressing personal health concerns on those forums. This Chat Group is the place to ask your questions & to post your need for support, both scientific as well as for emotional support. Please note, I work closely with Erin (our Chat Group moderator) to answer questions that are not already addressed. All of this information & more is accessible in a clear format with direct links to everything on in the Getting Started menu.

We have recently appointed a Director of Communications & Public Relations to oversee & expand my presence with you all. Be assured that I personally am in very close contact with her to approve the content of anything that is shared with all of you, & I still personally respond/interact within these media outlets. In addition, our Director of Communications/Public Relations has been very proactive in offering sales, opportunities to receive special products (ie two individuals received free autism lap blankets), & instituting our new Friends & Family Rewards Program. She has also recently added the Getting Started menu for easy access to resources on the HHI site, along with an About Us section. Within the About Us section there is an interview where I describe the beginnings of my work in Autism & the development of The Yasko Protocol, as well as my deep commitment to support the wellbeing of others. You will also find backgrounds of our wonderful staff to get to know them better.

As always, please know that your health is my first priority. Choices I make in terms of supplements are based on their impact on test results & this is a unique approach that is not taken by others who are solely looking to sell supplements. I see supplements as a much needed tool for health, not as a commodity. I see the whole person, not just a test file. I see your health history & future health goals. I truly feel passionate about supporting your health goals for both yourself &your loved ones. When I talk about supplements please understand I am not making claims, nor stating that any supplement or herb will cure a given health condition. My concern about supplement source is related to the fact that I find it a true privilege to be a part of so many lives & to be given the opportunity to help others. I receive emails & test results from individuals daily who are following The Yasko Protocol where their lives are being changed in a really amazing way. Those who follow my protocol as designed & use the correct products really do see wonderful results. When I see such progress, it is due in part to supplements being added as indicated by the suggestions I include based on test results, & when tests were done on a regular basis. This is what I want to see for each & every one of you, this is why I do what I do each day. I hope that you understand my focus on supplement source & quality comes from a place of caring. I always want to see positive progress on your follow up tests, I want to hear stories of success from each & every one of you, & I want all of you to be able to achieve the health you are looking for. Please see my Feel Good Supplements Guidebook (everyone should receive one free copy automatically when they order from HHI) to learn more about the importance of this topic.

I may not update this letter regularly but I want to ensure you all that I am working on your behalf literally seven days a week to support each of you. Please understand I truly care about each & every one of you. I work to provide more tools to support the implementation of my protocol, to provide frequent suggestions to help you progress to better health with the aid of your own doctor, as well as to give personal feedback on tests & questions. Unlike many of the other doctors working in this field, I do not have personal health issues that motivate me to work in this area. I do this because I have the background in molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, bacteriology, biotech, natural health, & I have the desire to share & give back because I have been so fortunate in my life. The time I put in on your behalf should be evident to you by my handwritten results you receive when you run tests through HHI. Those who are regulars on the program may sometimes complain about my handwriting. By the end of the week, having put in 12-14 hour days & written with a cartridge pen on tests for 6 to 7 days of the week, yes my handwriting can certainly get a bit messy to read. Please note, calling HHI customer support to have one of our lovely staff members clarify the writing is always an option. Some have suggested that I shift to typing my comments, however I am not comfortable with that choice. I feel that physically having the tactile feeling of holding your tests, looking at your data, your file, your DNA results, & your biochemical tests all bring me closer to you & the ability to focus on you as an individual.

Please know it is important to me that you understand that I truly do care about each & every one of you, you are in my heart & my mind daily. Never mistake that I only write these long posts once in a while for a lack of caring & concern; it is actually quite the opposite. Please know that hope for better health always for each & every one of you & your families.

With love,
Dr. Amy