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Dear Discussion Group Members,

Whether this is your first visit to this site, or you are a veteran member of the group, I want to personally welcome you to this chat group. I also want you to know that this program is unlike any other natural health program you will encounter. In addition this is likely going to be a very different experience than you have ever had on any other discussion group. I expect that you will be surprised by the personal support and interactions, from me as well as from other members of this site. You will probably be overwhelmed with the volume of information this site contains and a bit daunted by it at first. And, I think you will be touched by the level of caring, love and hope that you will learn to expect from all of us.

We are about sharing information as well as emotional support. I have a zero tolerance policy on negativity. The idea is to keep it positive, share from the heart and the mind, and pay it forward. Unlike many of the other doctors working in these fields I do not have personal health issues that motivate me to work in this area. I am blessed to have three beautiful, healthy daughters, and for both my husband and myself to be in excellent health. I do this because I have the background in molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, bacteriology, biotech, natural health and I have the desire to share and give back because I have been so fortunate in my life.

I do not charge for my time, I do not offer private consults. Instead I share all of the tools needed to implement this program online at no cost, so that you can work with your own doctor to use this protocol. The DVDs, books, articles, PPTs are resources that are available online at no cost or through the lending library on this chat group. You can ask questions about the program on this discussion group and search answers I have written on a large range of topics. I do answer email posts personally every week. These posts are chosen by our moderator. Other posts are answered by parents who have taken the time to really learn and understand the program. They are paying it forward by giving of their time, as I do, to help you.

I work for all of you, 24/7 to help you to have the tools you need for optimal health, and all I ask is that you put in the time to utilize those tools I have provided. What I ask of all of our members is to put in the time to really understand the program. This will not happen overnight, it is a slow process as you immerse yourself in all of the science. Know that you will be supported, helped and guided by other veteran members of this site to make the learning process smoother and easier. This is a program that requires that you take charge of your own, or your child’s health. We will share the tools and the support you need to get there, but you are going to have to put in the time and the work to get your arms around this program. You will need to read the books, watch the DVDs, come to conferences and search and read older posts. No one is going to be able to do that for you. Basically you need to do your homework, but we will be right there to support you along the way. When we say “read it, learn it, live it” we really mean it on this site, and assume that you will abide by that principle.

I expect only what I am willing to give, so I try to lead by example. I am willing to work daily to make personal comments on biochemical tests, to answer emails, to read and research to continue to add to the knowledge base until we have the answers we need for the recovery of every child and adult. I do not only answer technical questions, but I respond to almost every positive email that is posted, because I feel that emotional support is just as important as scientific knowledge on the journey to recovery. I keep it positive and pay it forward every day and I expect no less from each of you.

In my continued effort to share information with all of you I have published two new books in the past two years, Feel Good Nutrigenomics and Feel Good Biochemistry. The first book, Feel Good Nutrigenomics lays the groundwork and rationale for the entire program and explains why EVERY one of us needs to be concerned about our methylation cycles and working to improve its function. The FREE workbook that goes along with Feel Good Nutrigenomics is available at this link: The second book, Feel Good Biochemistry is a free online resource that goes through each biochemical test, and explains how I view the results of those tests and details suggestions I would make on a test if I was writing on it for you. This is an amazing resource for you and your own doctor to be able to run tests, and get my viewpoint on the results.

I am currently working on the third book of the series, where I will go through each supplement one at a time, explaining why I like to use particular supplements or ingredients. Since I do not look at supplements the traditional way in terms of their use, I feel this will be a help in determining which supplements you may want to add (after deferring to your own doctor) to your supplement program. This new book will be tied together with an updated supplement format to make listing the supplements you are using easier for all of us. The new list will have an alphabetical section in the front, where you can check off what you are using and the dose. This will then automatically fill in the sections where supplements are listed by category. It is IMPORTANT to look at the supplements by category as well as the alphabetized list, as those categories show you which areas may be lacking in support, or if you have a particular health issue what other supplements you may want to consider. Even just glancing through the supplements by mutation or category enables you to quickly see areas that need more support and areas where you are weak in support. In addition I will be adding a section of special categories to help with some of the other health conditions that have drawn a diverse range of individuals to this program. For instance if you are a premenopausal/menopausal woman, or an adult male with some prostate concerns, or someone whose immune system is allowing for uncontrolled growth of unwanted cells, the new supplement list will have special categories that you can glance through to see which supplements you and your own doctor might want to consider for support. These are variations of the programs I had posted years ago that ranged from supplements to consider for men’s health to women’s health to those looking for additional supplement support for stress/anxiety or unwanted cell growth. Between the new supplement book and the supplement list by category it should enable the larger number of individuals with diverse health concerns to more easily implement this program with their own doctors.

In terms of supplements I want to clarify that you do NOT have to add every single supplement in a given category or every single supplement I may suggest on a test for you. These lists of supplements are options. IF you have a significant issue in a particular area then you may want to add all of the listed supplements. On the other hand if an issue is less of a problem, you may only want to add one supplement in that category. I am giving you and your doctor my expertise and knowledge of what potential supplements may be a help for a given imbalance and then I leave the choice to you and your doctor to determine how many of those supplements you ultimately need and want to add. So again, looking through the categories, especially those categories that are more of an issue, is a TOOL to help you see what you may be missing.

Years ago I started with adult neurological inflammation and then found my way to autism. At this point with almost 70,000 people on the Facebook page and thousands on this chat group I feel the program has come full circle. It is both about helping those with autism, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, as well as helping those with a range of other health conditions including many adults with a whole host of health concerns. What I have been trying to bring across lately on my Facebook page posts is that EVERYONE needs to be thinking about methylation. The recent article showing that proper methylation reduces all-cause mortality, is the best proof that all of us need to be working on our methylation cycles. I have always felt that anyone who has a child, a mother, a brother, a father, a sister, a grandfather or grandmother on this program or with autism, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, MS, CFS, ADD, ADHD etc needs to realize that those genetic susceptibilities are inherited and that YOU too need to be thinking about YOUR methylation cycle. This recent article takes my thinking a step further. EVEN if you do not have any family members with neurological health conditions, ALL of us need to be thinking about methylation based on these recent findings. To reiterate, what this means: no matter WHAT you will eventually pass away from, your lifespan will be INCREASED with proper methylation.

I realize that not everyone has the finances to run the nutrigenomic test that I designed to help assess methylation for all of their family members. Many reserve running that test for those who need it the most in the family. However, you can run a less sensitive but less expensive test that uses saliva and then use the FREE site to get the SAME analysis you would get from running the test I designed, at NO COST. IF even that is not possible, or you feel that you are in perfect health and do not need to run at test, then at the very least please give yourself the gift of methylation and take a few bare minimum supports for your own methylation cycle.

Even if you cannot run a nutrigenomic test, and cannot run biochemical tests, at a bare minimum please try to take 1 to 2 All in One a day, along with a few sprays of Be Calm (at night) and a couple of sprays of Black Bear (in the morning) so at the very least you have some basic support for your methylation cycle. I have asked HHI to put together a basic methylation package with these three simple supplements, with the concept of “giving the gift of methylation” so that anyone can have at least minimal support to help prolong life in a healthy manner. The article that showed that lifespan increased, REGARDLESS of the health issue, when methylation was supported is a pivotal article in realizing how critical even minimal support is for EVERY single person.

Please know it is important to me that you understand that I truly do care about each and every one of you, you are in my heart and my mind daily. Never mistake the fact that I only write these long posts once in a while for a lack of caring and concern. It is actually quite the opposite. I spend so much time writing on your tests, writing books to help you implement the program, working on revamping the tools to make this program easier use with your own doctor, that I do not always have the time to write to all of you. Please know that I wish each and every one of you and your families my love and hope for health always!

With love and hope,
Dr. Amy
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