A Note from Dr. Amy

Just as autism represents an entire spectrum, so too are issues with verbal language as varied and diverse. Some have no spoken language at all, others can repeat short segments but that is all, still others may utter sounds but no words or single words but no sentences. What nutritional support may benefit one individual may not be helpful for another. We are all unique, we all deserve to be treated as individuals with individual needs, not with one size fits all approaches.

I am committed to helping those who struggle with spoken language and I hope this focus on additional supports that can be tailored to personal needs will be the final piece needed to achieve better health for all. Because everyone is unique, the combination of which Language + Cognition nucleotide blends may work successfully will differ from one person to the next. As such, we are offering a one time use coupon code to support your specific needs. I did not feel comfortable creating a situation where you would need to purchase all five nucleotide blends separately at full price to test which would be of optimal use for you.

You can test these nucleotide blends any way that you feel comfortable doing however, I wanted to share some variations that you could apply. Please view the PDFs for three options and a Results Form.

I truly hope this line of nucleotide blends will help to create a positive turning point and I am looking forward to a great deal of progress and better health for each and every one of you!

With Love, Hope & a Hug
~ Dr. Amy
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